RV Base Plates Repair

Fewer things are more important than a proper base plate to pull your RV safely.

If you are concerned about the safety of driving your RV due to a bad RV base plate, then call us.

We can accomodate any RV and service all brands of name plates including:

  • Blue OX
  • Demco
  • Roadmaster
  • K Sport
  • Buddy Club
  • Tough Country
  • Holley
  • And all other brands of RV base plates

Best of all, we come to you for the RV repair. We provide mobile RV repair services for the Fort Worth Dallas TX metro area as well as North Texas and will travel to your location.

No more hooking up your RV, taking it to a dealership and waiting weeks for your RV repairs. We also specialize in Dallas RV AC Repair,

Call Mobile RV Fix today!